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Clients and Projects

Oxide very beginning costumes were chemical companies such as "Priclas", "Rotem" and "Dead sea works". Later, Oxide started to provide Maraging steel to "Armament Development Authority" and "Israeli Military Industroes". In 1989 Oxide started to represent compenies that specialized in products for Refineries and IEC (Israel Electric Corporation).

Later, Oxide started to provide process equipment as pumps and heat exchangers for solar energy and process engineering companies.

From 1995 Oxide stared to provide Nitinol alloy and Applications to Medical Companies.

These days, Oxide managing big projects for IEC, Israel Railways and desalination companies.

Amongst the projects that Oxide sold are:

  • The incinerator for hazardous wastes in Ramat-Hovav
  • Plant for condensation water in IEC.
  • Numbers of heaters to oil refineries.
  • Long side heaters and cooling for Haifa Chemicals.
  • Process waste industrial in IEC.
  • 2 chimneys one of 250 meters and one of 200 meters for IEC.

among our customers